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İntedo Yazılım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
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Intedo Campus


İntedo Campus is a digital learning system that aims to make our students love education with a new perspective in the developing digital world. There are many modules specially prepared for students in the system where you can prepare for TYT and AYT with our specially prepared videos, questions suitable for the latest system, practice exams and get the highest efficiency.

When we enter İntedo Campus, we first encounter the membership platform. After you become a member of our site, you can perform other transactions. With the Learning Profile Test we create for each student registered in our system, we determine the learning type of our student and in this way, we determine the most appropriate study method for our student. The curriculum, reminders and notifications suitable for the learning type welcome our students thanks to the Learning Profile Test. Thus, it is time to determine the staff of our student, who was directed as described. Our students can watch the promotional videos of our teachers and determine the most suitable staff for TYT and AYT. Thus, we can eliminate the teacher-student conflict, which is one of the biggest shortcomings of today’s education systems. The student can easily listen to his lecture with the teacher he likes.

With the staff selection, we have prepared the most suitable course environment for the student. The 4K videos we have prepared in advance are with us during the training process. Our students can download the document prepared by our teacher on this course page, so that they can easily follow the course. The animations we prepare with video montage make the lessons fun. Our student, who watches the lesson, can repeat it with the subject scanning tests under the lesson video. At the same time, they can participate in the general evaluation exams in the system within certain periods. In this way, he can see Turkey’s ranking and make a self-evaluation. By clicking on the mistakes he made in the exam and subject tests, he can be directed to the relevant video, so he can repeat it for the subject he is wrong. With the repetition list that he can create himself, he can repeat the subjects he does not understand.

Our students can follow the videos they watch, the questions they solve, and the exams they attend. He gets motivated by seeing the badges he has earned in the achievements section. He can see the lessons he missed. With reminders, videos that you have watched before and should not forget are reported and necessary directions can be made.

We think that the most important phenomenon of our students in this process is time management. For this reason, we create a system where our students can set their goals and work in the most efficient way to reach this goal without wasting time. The university goal that he will always see in front of him ensures to keep his motivation at the highest point. With our guidance and motivation videos, we provide all the necessary help during the exam preparation process.

Another important pillar of the İntedo Campus project, whose general operation we are talking about, is the parent information system. In Intedo Campus, which is a system where we can track our students, you will always be able to see what stage your student is in. With the mail system, you will be able to receive reminders when your student has deficiencies. Likewise, your managers will be able to use the same system easily.

We think that our trainers are as important as the functioning of the system. For this reason, we have created the best staff in Turkey for you. Multiple teachers that you can choose for each lesson have explained their lessons in the best way for you and shared the documents they have prepared very carefully for you.

Within the scope of this project, expert psychologists were worked on, and studies were carried out in accordance with the age levels of TYT – AYT students at many stages, including visuals.

There is much more than a classroom for your students and parents in this carefully constructed project. Now it’s your turn!