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Learning Management Systems

Intedo LMS v4.0

It is an education management system that can be easily used by every institution providing education. It includes many modules such as online course, exam module, communication module. It can be used for all training tracking processes that an institution can do physically. It allows the administrators of the institution to manage the lessons more easily and to monitor the online process. It offers a very comfortable working area in areas such as exams, tests, teacher-student relationship, document sharing, which are ongoing during the education process. At the same time, it has a panel that every administrator can use easily. Thanks to the created panel, uploads, course follow-ups, etc. In addition to doing business, information such as student statistics, sales rate of courses, and student contact information can be accessed.

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Benefits of İntedo LMS to Institutions

Ability to teach a large number of students at the same time
Gathering the school and private tutoring system in a single system
Ability to provide education at a more affordable price than physical education
Providing the opportunity for schools to repeat the subject online
Ability to follow student statistics and information
Ability to upload documents online
SMS – Announcement notification system
To be able to perform more efficient education in developing education conditions

How is İntedo LMS Used?

You can use İntedo LMS through the new website we have established for you.

Training packages welcome you on the home page. You can both define these training packages to your students collectively and offer them for sale for external students. Thanks to the contact form we use, you can send an e-mail to you through the site or you can get the information of the students who want to reach you by creating a call you section. You can show your success with the promotional video that will best introduce you.

After logging in, the student encounters my courses and exams. In this way, he can easily access the courses that he has defined or purchased. You can receive alerts on time for live lessons and access their courses and exams.

When the administrator logs in to the admin panel, he or she can view the total registered users, total sales, total number of courses, and total number of videos. You can add live lessons through the panel and open new courses and packages. For each course, it can add subject lessons to the system and view student statistics. Can prepare general assessment exams and announce exam results to students. You can upload the documents related to the courses to each course-specific documents page, so that students can access the documents before the course.

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    What are İntedo LMS 4.0 Modules?

    Accounting and Online Sales Module

    It is the module where the manager can follow all sales. It is a system created for the student to purchase any product from the site and for the administrator to control these sales.

    Survey Module

    The module used by the teacher in the live lesson saves time during the lesson, it is the system that the students use to answer the questions and attend the lesson with the teacher, with the teacher’s guidance in the lesson.

    Homework / Project Module

    The instructor can assign homework to the students,

    students can do their homework,
    It is a system where the teacher can follow these assignments.

    Messaging Module

    It is a system where the teacher can send messages to the students who take their own course, and the students can send messages to their teachers. It enables students to contact their teachers for question solutions and guidance.

    Multi-Layer Panel

    Training coach/consultant or trainers can be added to the system from the admin panel, class-authorization can be made. Thus, staff automation can also be performed via the panel.

    Reporting Module

    All user/student movements are kept in the database with the logging method upon request and can be presented to the administrator/advisor with the desired method, and can be displayed on the system, including the student.

    Attendance System

    You can follow the student’s attendance and video lecture viewing status. The student must first confirm the attendance window from the page that opens during the course participation. In this way, the students who attend the course are followed up.

    Subject Test Module

    The administrator or trainer can create separate subject tests for each course of the courses. Exams can be viewed instantly on the result screen at the end of the exam. The student can be directed to the related video in case of wrong questions.

    Mail / SMS Module

    It is a subscription created by students or members who want to receive notifications by mail when they want to receive information from current announcements. A follower mailing list is created, announcements can be made collectively through this mailing list.

    Advanced Calendar / Process Module

    The student can view the whole process and responsibilities on the calendar, and can follow his/her own schedule through the dynamic structure.

    Document Bank

    It is the area where the student can see all the documents of the course he/she is studying, and where the trainer can upload documents to reach the student when he/she deems it necessary. Document sharing is provided through this page.

    Live Broadcast Chat Module

    Thanks to the chat module that we use to provide interactivity during the live broadcast for the systems developed for the purpose of training the user, the student can ask questions to the teacher during the broadcast and participate in the lesson.